Fight World Hunger Alongside These Charitable Organizations

We know that the hunger crisis is real. We know that it happens in poverty-stricken communities in third-world countries. We also know that it happens in our own backyards.

You might not know this, but over 850 million people go without food on a daily basis. Being cognizant of this issue is important and raising awareness is one step in the process of helping to eradicate world hunger. However, there is no solution to be found and no support to be given unless we take action.

Fighting the hunger crisis may seem like one of the most difficult causes to stand behind because of how vast and globally spread out the issue has become. If this is a cause you would like to support, start with one of these organizations! You can either volunteer your time, make donations, or start a fundraiser.

Action Against Hunger

This organization covers all the bases of care. They analyze the needs of various communities suffering from malnutrition, work to build programs that can both treat and prevent malnutrition within these communities, and then train people who can physically support these programs. Learn more about Action Against Hunger on their homepage.

Feeding America

All across the United States, various food pantries and food banks have dedicated their efforts to gathering food waste from other manufacturers, retailers, and farmers to use in feeding those in need. To support Feeding America, you can either donate money to their mission or learn how to become a volunteer.

The Hunger Project

This education-based organization wants to equip men and women living in third-world countries with the proper skills and awareness to help them create a more sustainable life for themselves in overcoming both hunger and poverty. Visit The Hunger Project’s website to learn more about their mission.

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

As made obvious in their name, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine is in direct contact with restaurants, catering companies, and select hotels to collect their leftover food donations for their cause. They have identified homeless shelters throughout the nation that are in high demand for food. Learn more about their organization and how you can give back here!

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