From Poverty To Disaster Relief, These Are The 2017 Carnegie Medal Of Philanthropy Winners

The name Andrew Carnegie should ring a bell to many. In the 19th century, he was a renowned steel baron. In the early 1900s, he renounced his business that, at the time, made him millions – which would be billions of dollars in today’s economy. After that sale went through, he started a new venture: using his immense wealth to positively impact society on both a local and global level.

He very vocally advocated that wealthy individuals were alone responsible for giving to individuals, groups, and nations in need. His essay entitled “The Gospel of Wealth” goes into more detail about this philosophy. To him, the larger contributions of the wealthy could be substantial enough to have the most impact on those in need.

Carnegie’s legacy still lives on through his foundation, the Carnegie Corporation, which was created to recognize wealthy individuals who use their wealth as a way to benefit society. Every year, the most generous individuals are chosen as representations of the Carnegie Corporation and are named as Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy recipients.

Nine individuals were chosen as recipients in 2017. These honorees must possess three attributes: they must embrace Carnegie’s vision for change, have measurable credentials of how they give back, and must make a significant impact individuals, groups, and nations. Here are the most current recipients:

Mei Hing Chak
HeungKong Charitable Foundation

Chak’s contributions are centered around education, poverty, and assisting states, countries, or nations who have experienced natural disasters.

Gerry and Marguerite Lenfest
Lenfest Foundation; Lenfest Institute for Journalism

The Lenfest Foundation is dedicated to serving all aspects of the education system. The Lenfest Institute for Journalism, however, is completely focused on supporting journalists who write for the local news.

Azim Premji
Azim Premji Foundation

As a result of Premji’s generosity, impoverished schools located in India have experienced significant enhancement that has lended itself to providing better education to students who attend these schools.

Julian Robertson
Robertson Foundation

Robertson’s contributions affect a multitude of areas. The main priority of his foundation is to serve New York school districts, while the remaining monetary support goes into techniques that can be used to fight climate change, as well as funding research on the effect of stem cells in the medical realm.

Jeff Skoll
Jeff Skoll Group, Skoll Global Threats Fund

One of Skoll’s organizations, the Jeff Skoll Group, works with companies to ensure that every worker is given equal rights within the company. They also invest funds so that companies can work to protect the environment. His other group, the Skoll Global Threats Fund, focuses on change on a global level, working to sustain water availability and destabilizing societal forces.

Kristine McDivitt Tompkins
Tompkins Conservation

Preservation of nature is the focus of Tompkins’ organization. The funds that both her and her husband raised for the Tompkins Conservation go into protecting parks in Chile and Argentina.

Shelby White
Leon Levy Foundation

White believes in the impact that history, the sciences, and the arts have on the community, which is why her foundation works to preserve these three areas.

Sir James Wolfensohn
World Bank

The main purpose of Wolfensohn’s investments were to fight against inequality in the world, which has a significant impact on our overall society.

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