Nonprofits Can Use Artificial Intelligence To Raise More Money

We have all seen the effects of artificial intelligence in one way or another. Technology is transforming the way we communicate, the way we treat patients, and, now, the way that nonprofits raise money.

Gravyty, the artificial intelligence brainchild of CEO Adam Martel, was created to connect companies with donors who can provide them with the funds they need in order to support their mission. Adam has already seen success with Gravyty, helping a handful of nonprofits raise millions of dollars through a variety of donors.

Here is how AI can work in conjunction with companies to enhance their fundraising efforts:

The donor information is already there.

Other systems have existed to help nonprofits increase their annual fundraising, but they have all been poorly designed. The donor data is already there, it is just a matter of creating a system that is equipped to sort through this data and act on it. If nonprofits can connect with the right donors, they will be more successful.

Communicating with the right donors.

More advanced technology can actually work to draft emails that are very personalized and intended to reach donors wherever they are at in their donation life-cycle. This constant communication – something that a nonprofit’s staff doesn’t always have the time to do – will change the face of fundraising.

Telling a more profound story.

Nonprofits are often bogged down with a weighty list of responsibilities and don’t always have time to reach out to all of their donors. AI can not only handle this task, it can help nonprofits explain their mission in a more profound way to people who may be interested in donating money. This will help them to be more successful in their efforts.

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