About Arthur Bogoraz

Arthur Bogoraz, a seasoned businessman and private pilot, is passionate about philanthropic work around the world.

Over the years Arthur has sought out opportunities to contribute to a variety of important causes. He has supported Chabad, a large and influential movement dedicated to providing aid, outreach, education, religious activities, and a variety of cultural and community work for Jewish people around the world. Arthur has also donated to synagogues and has even helped cover the costs of the writing of a Torah scroll, a long-term effort which must be done by a professional scribe. Having a part in this religious act was a fulfilling experience for Arthur — not just because he was personally involved, but because he was able to contribute to a greater whole and continue helping the synagogue thrive.

This instance embodies Arthur’s overall view of philanthropy. While he considers it a fundamental way to improve himself individually, what truly drives him is the opportunity to create real change, help people connect with one another, and inspire both the preservation of traditions and the sharing of new ideas. Arthur also believes that change can start anywhere. Whether this means collaborating with a synagogue or simply participating in local food or toy drives for needy children, every little bit helps.

A frequent traveler who enjoys expanding his global perspective, Arthur has gotten involved with various international efforts as well. One of his most beloved charitable organizations is TiKVA, a not-for-profit which is dedicated to providing education, resources, and much more to the homeless, abandoned, and abused Jewish children in Odessa, Ukraine. Arthur has also donated to The Israel Defense Forces, the military forces of the State of Israel.

As a current resident of Edison, New Jersey, Arthur is also always on the lookout for local charitable efforts, so that he can do his part in supporting crucial services for people close to home. At the core of any philanthropic effort is the desire to “give back” and to provide for people who need assistance, and there’s no better place to start than right in your own neighborhood. It is the best way to contribute to a real sense of community and help each and every resident find and thrive within their own unique purpose.

This blog will share some of Arthur Bogoraz’s insights, experiences, or news updates on the philanthropic causes that motivate him to work hard every day.