Charitable Giving: Fundraising Opportunities For The Office

As a business owner, you should value employees who feel that they have some sort of social responsibility. If you find a community-minded individual who is invested in a charitable organization or who is passionate about a specific cause, it really speaks volumes on their character. These are some of the traits that you should look for when you interview potential employees.

Individuals who put the needs of others above their own and who are actively engaged in making a difference will be valuable assets to your team. Not only will they push for positive transformation and growth within your company, but they will strive to harbor stronger relationships with coworkers.

If you want your employees to embrace a more charitable mentality, engage them in activities. Fundraising is a really great stepping stone for inspiring your team members to get involved. Here are a few examples of fundraisers that your business can consider for your next philanthropic event:

Walk For Charity

Plan a charity walk and invite everyone in the office along! For a charity walk, the purpose is to be sponsored for every mile that you walk, so look into areas that cover a decent mileage so that you can encourage as many donations as possible without making the feat too challenging for your employees.

Bake For Charity

Everyone enjoys the occasional treat. That is why so many company-wide events, like celebrating employee’s birthdays, revolve around food. In addition to these events, consider adding one more day where employees can indulge in delectable treats while also raising money for a good cause. Be inspired by the classics and put together a bake sale that anyone can participate in. It’s always easier to inspire more generous giving when the giver knows that they will be receiving a gift for their donation.

Cook For Charity

Another example of when food can bring the office together. People love to share their cooking skills, so encourage all the creative home cooks in your startup to showcase their strengths in the kitchen and put together a meal of choice for an individual or family in need.

If you aren’t sure what the interest level of your staff would be in the fundraising activities listed above, invite them into the conversation! See what types of organizations they are passionate about and try to incorporate them into your outreach.

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