How Philanthropy Is Changing

Philanthropy has had significant changes over the last few decades. People are beginning to view philanthropy through a different lens. Philanthropic organizations are under more evaluation now than ever before. Why is this happening? What has changed the way people give to organizations?


Philanthropy Today


The perception of philanthropy has changed. Donors demand information about how their dollar is being used. Donors are beginning to show more concern for domestic issues rather than international issues. The global issues that organizations advocate for are still important, but donors believe that giving money domestically will help solve more problems rather than internationally. There has been a shift in perspective about if philanthropic efforts can resolve issues. People are becoming less optimistic about the outcomes of philanthropy. The shifts in perspective have been highly attributed to a plethora of information coming from the internet.




The internet has given all donors better access to information about philanthropic organizations. For organizations to be successful in their efforts, they need to be transparent and identify specifics about what donor’s dollars will be used for. Technological advances have given donors the power to find crucial information about organizations at the tips of their fingers. This ability has affected the amount organization’s donors give and also how they give to them. Instead of writing a check to an organization donors can now complete donations through their computers or smartphones. It has become easier than ever before for someone to donate to an organization.




The attitude towards certain organizations has changed over the last ten to fifteen years. Donors are more likely to entrust a non-profit organization rather than the government to create a solution to a problem. Donors look for organizations that have collaboration with other organizations as a more effective way to make a solution. The public-private sector in collaboration with individuals or a non-profit organization is more highly valued than even a religious institution. This trend of collaboration is seen as untraditional in past years of giving. Donors are looking towards businesses who have a more socially and environmentally conscious business model. These businesses attract many millennial donors who value social, environmental, and economic change. Individual philanthropy is being viewed as a more attractive alternative to giving to businesses or non-profit organizations. People believe they have an individual duty to create solutions and become advocates for change domestically and internationally.

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