Smartphone Apps are Changing the Way We Donate to Charity


Charities are beginning to hop on the bandwagon of embracing new technologies. It’s now easier than ever to donate to your favorite charities, and not in the traditional way we think of donating. Apps have created a way for companies and individuals to raise money just by tracking normal, everyday tasks that are already being completed, such as walking the dog or taking a morning run. Check out these four apps and their easy ways of raising money for your favorite charity.

Donate a Photo

With this app, it’s easy to raise up to $365 per year ($366 if it’s a leap year!) to one of the charities of your choosing. The process is simple. The first step is to choose a charity, ranging from health to education to emergency relief. Next, upload a picture of your choosing. The picture doesn’t have to reflect the cause; pictures can be from a family vacation, your pets, the sunset, or anything you find interesting. Once you upload your picture, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1. The app even allows you to share your photo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so your friends can join in on the fun!

Charity Miles

If you need some extra motivation to get fit, Charity Miles will reward you with a donation for every mile you walk, run, or bike. When signing up, you’ll be prompted to choose one of their 30+ charities including WWF, ASPCA, Wounded Warrior Project, and St, Jude Children’s Research Hospital. For every mile biked, a 10¢ donation is given, and for every mile walked or run, 25¢ is given as well. Reaching your fitness goals just became much more motivating!

Walk for a Dog

This app by WoodTrax allows you to raise money for your local animal shelter or rescue group. All you have to do is walk your dog with your smartphone in hand. The money raised comes from ads and sponsors. The longer you walk with your pup, the larger the donation.


Yes, the app you already have on your phone allows you to raise money for charity! You may have noticed some of your Facebook friends donating their birthday this year. This idea all started about ten years ago when Scott Harrison, CEO of Charity: Water, threw a party and asked for $20 from each of his 700 guests. The money he raised from his guests wasn’t put toward party favors or the bar tab but instead went directly to Uganda for a refugee camp. On your birthday, Facebook will ask you if you want to donate your birthday to your favorite charity, you can select from a list of 750,000 U.S. nonprofits. You then set a goal amount and post it to your facebook page to encourage your friends to donate to this cause in lieu of a “happy birthday” post. And the best part is, you don’t have to wait for your birthday to roll around to participate in creating a fundraiser!

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