The Link Between Startups And Community Outreach

Community outreach and philanthropic giving have always been folded into corporate culture. But lately, there has been a new trend emerging where startups are inserting themselves at the forefront of their communities, advocating for authentic and long-lasting change.

Some of these startups are incorporating this social engagement into their very own business models or by participating in other organizations who have made it their mission to aid small businesses in giving back.

This push for entrepreneurs and startups to be more socially responsible is both exciting and necessary in order to bring about actual change within the community and beyond. It is worth dissecting why startups have made community outreach more of a priority both in and outside of the office:

The more involved you are in your community, the more your community will want to be involved with you.

When you start your own business, there is nothing that you should desire more than developing a loyal customer base. Loyal customers are the ones that will support you long-term and, because they are content with your products or services, will create more business opportunities for you through word-of-mouth recommendations to other people.

It cultivates stronger relationships within the office.

Community outreach is a great way to also build a stronger community within your company. Team-building exercises are monumental in cultivating positive relationships in the workplace, but there is something more meaningful when those team-building exercises can actually serve a greater purpose as well. When the entire team can come together for a cause, it will create a more substantial bond in a shorter period of time.

Your company becomes more desirable to potential employees.

Not only will your generosity be a push for more clients, it will be beneficial when it comes time for you to add new members to your team. Potential employees will be looking for a company that not only serves them professionally, but will engage them socially. This works to inspire a level of fulfillment that will also aid in character development as well, making them a more well-rounded addition to your company as a whole.

Find an organization or cause that you are passionate about and research ways that you can give of both your time and money! Not only will it have a positive impact on the community, it will be implemental in bettering your team and your brand.

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