The Most Generous Cities In America

In light of recent events, the country seems to be divided more than ever before. While there are innumerable reasons for this, whether it be political discrepancies or differences in socioeconomic status, there is also one area where we, as a nation, seem to be united for the greater good: through acts of charity.

Every city across the United States has a unique set of beliefs and convictions that may cause tension when it applies to certain circumstances. However, it seems that despite these dissimilarities, every community possesses the desire to give back to those in need.

Below is a list of America’s most charitable cities and the organizations they choose to support:

El Paso, Texas & Las Cruces, New Mexico

These two cities are viewed as a single market. 92 percent of all adults living within these two cities have made some type of donation to a charity. Here, they have a deep connection with their local churches, opting to financially support their church rather than a non-profit.

Lexington, Kentucky

Similar to El Paso and Las Cruces, the population of Lexington residents that support some type of charitable organization seem to also be invested in their local churches as well. 91 percent of the population gives financially to charity, with around 84 percent of that going directly to a church.

Charleston-Huntington, West Virginia

It is inspiring to see the Charleston-Huntington area on this list! The percentage of households here that make less than $20,000 every year outweighs the number of more prestigious households. With the percentage of individuals and families who support some philanthropic endeavor totaling around 90 percent, it’s evident that even those who are financially restricted still prioritize giving what they can.

Memphis, Tennessee

Similar to the Charleston-Huntington area, Memphians have contributed around 90 percent to charity. In this area, however, there has been a shift, as more individuals and families are looking to support more non-traditional organizations, like non-profits.

If these numbers narrate anything about our country, it’s that, no matter what our backgrounds, our political views, or our socioeconomic status, we value giving of what we have in order to benefit those in need.

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